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Canned Sardine

Product Name: Canned Sardine
Product Origin: Poland
Standard: Grade A
Brand Name: OEM
PriceTerms: T/T,CIF,FOB
Detailed Product Description:

model no.:
gr35319 canned sardine in oil
gr35329 canned sardine in tomato sauce
gr35339 canned sardine in brine

basic info.

type: seafood
processing: in oil/tomato sauce/brine
shape: whole, chunk, piece
style: preserved, instant, cooked
shelf live: 3 years
taste: natural sardine aroma.
export markets: global

additional info.

trademark: OEM
standard: ISO; HACCP
origin: Poland
production capacity: 1000t

product description

about canned tuna: canned sardine in plant oil&tomato sauce&brine, canned sardine in tomato sauce, canned sardine in brine, canned sardine in plant oil, organic seafood, canned food, canned seafood, native product, high nutrition, delicious,
application: home use; restaurant use; fast food and so on.


1. fresh and delicate
2. top quality
3. best price
4. oem


1)can model: 001
n. w.: 155g/ can
d. w.: 93g/ can

2)can model: 002
n. w.: 425g/ can
d. w.: 235-280g/ can

155g/ can*58850cans=1 ctn
425g/ can*711324cans=1 ctn

more information, please contact us!

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