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Product Name: Pringles
Product Origin: Poland
Standard: Grade A
Brand Name: OEM
PriceTerms: T/T,CIF,FOB
Detailed Product Description:

we have in offer pringles 40g, 161g,150g,154g,165g,169g and other ferrero products

pringles 40g, 161g,150g,154g,165g,169g

packaging details:
18 pcs / case
ftl 33 pallets
20ft 20 pallets

  • pringles original 40g
  • pringles sour cream & onion 40g
  • pringles hot& spicy 40g
  • pringles papika 40g
  • pringles original 165g
  • pringles sour cream & onion 165g
  • pringles hot& spicy 165g
  • pringles papika 165g
  • pringles original
  • pringles salt &vinegar 169g
  • pringles sour cream & onion 169g
  • pringles cheddar 169g
  • pringles bbq 169g
  • pringles loaded baked potato 169g
  • pringles jalapeno 169g
  • pringles ranch 169g
  • pringles honey mustard 169g
  • pringles pizza 169g
  • pringles multigrain original 169g
  • pringles multigrain farmhouse cheddar 187g
  • pringles multigrain sour cream & onion 187g
  • pringles french onion dip 161g
  • pringles lightly salted 169g
  • pringles xtreme blastin'buffalo wing 169g
  • pringles screamin'dill pickle 169g
  • pringles cheezummms cheddar & sour cream 169g
  • pringles cheezummms mild jalapeno cheddar 169g
  • pringles cheezummms four cheese 169g
  • pringles reduced fat original 150g
  • pringles reduced fat sour cream & onion 160g
  • pringles fat free original 154g
  • pringles fat free sour cream & onion 154g

  • we offer stickering service in various languages.

    please, feel free to contact us for futher questions.

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