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Halal Certified Fresh/Frozen Meat

Product Name: Halal Certified Fresh/Frozen Meat
Product Origin: Poland
Standard: Grade A
Brand Name: OEM
PriceTerms: T/T,CIF,FOB
Detailed Product Description:

We are Polish based halal meat Processor . Our processing facility is well equipped with state of art & technology. Only naturally grazed animals are selected and they are slaughtered as per Islamic Rights under utmost hygienic conditions. The boneless meat is quickly frozen at Minus 40 degree C to retain wholesomeness of fresh meat. All our products are in compliance with Phito sanitary & packing requirement of importing countries.

Raw / Meat Capacity Production Capacity 100 Metric Ton Per day.
Freezing 70 Metric Ton, Cold Storage 1200 MT
Canned Foods Vegetable, Non vegetables

With sales and service that are worldwide in scope, our team is ready to offer technically superior products, which meet all local/international requirements, coupled with a total commitment to quality service.

we are focused on meeting changing food needs driven by changes in lifestyle and demographic patterns.

The company kept on expanding its Production Line in capacity as well as variety.

specializes in the exportation of frozen / dry/preserved Meat products delivered to final destination worldwide. We strive to provide quality and competitive pricing.
Both Frozen and Dry Cow,Halal ,Offals,lamp,bush Meat .Pig, goat,Chicken Meat,.
Tongue, Tail, Liver, Heart etc.
Salted Omasum, Aorta
Crushed Bone
Dry Trachea, Tendons, etc
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