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natural sheep casings

Product Name: natural sheep casings
Product Origin: Poland
Standard: Grade A
Brand Name: OEM
PriceTerms: T/T,CIF,FOB
Detailed Product Description:

our sausage casings are approved by EU and have passed haccp systerm. be good color and strength. no heavy veins or pinhole.

1. color: nature, white, yellow-white, offwhite, without bleached.

2. caliber: 14/16, 16/18, 18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 24/+. all of calibers are reasonale.

3. quality standards: aa, a, ab and b.

4. packing: plastic casks. 500 hanks/cask.

5. from each min 2m and max 18 ends in one hank, 90m, 85m, 80m, 75m, and so on.

6. our sausage casings are approved by eu and have passed haccp systerm.

7. specification: to be capable of making is according to request of client.

if you are interested in our sausage casing, please contact us for more informations.

welcome to our factory for visiting. we will provide our best service, resonable price and better qualities to you.

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