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Best Quality Macadamia Nut

Model No.: MN
Product Name: Best Quality Macadamia Nut
Product Origin: Poland
Brand Name: Sen
PriceTerms: CIF, FOB, CNF
Supply Ability: 1000Tons
Detailed Product Description:

We Cultivate And Sell The Best Macadamia Nuts

- Premium Grade kernel

- Eleven point Thirty Four Kg / Twenty-Five lb vacuum cartons

- From our own and local farms


Appearance Creamy, light golden kernels

Texture Firm and crunchy

Flavour / Odour Delicate, typical macadamia kernel, with no foreign odours

Kernel requirements Raw kernel should be fully mature plump (unshrivelled) and firm and obtained from species Macadamia integrofolia and Macadamia tetraphylla and their hybrids

Infestation Be free of any insect or rodent infestation

Moisture Content Should be below One point Five Percent by weight

Foreign Matter Be free of foreign matter, except for loose shell, maximum one piece larger than Two mm per Hundred kg for style Zero to Four and max Two pieces of shell per Hundred kg of kernel for other styles. Impacted shell pieces smaller than Two mm no more than One per Hundred kg of kernel

Particle size Conform to processing specifications or customer preference

Weight The minimum weight is Evelen Point Thirty Four kg and maximum Evelen pint Thirty- Six kg

Labelling Each carton is properly and legibly marked. The labelling / stamping are stipulated in the relevant work instructions

Info: Batch number, cultivar, style, date, weight

Palletizing one Hundred And Four carton stacked per pallet labels must be visible and readable on the ends of each box facing outward

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