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chocolater peanut butter

Model No.: PT20228
Product Name: chocolater peanut butter
Product Origin: Poland
Standard: export standard
Brand Name: chocolater peanut butter
PriceTerms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100tons/month
Detailed Product Description:

Good quality peanuts butter, peanuts paste.

A, Pure peanut butter : Pure or natural peanut butter is just made by mulling roasted peanuts into butter,but the peanut oil tend to separate . Recently,though,there have been some varieties of natural peanut butter that have alleviated the separation problem and there are creamy and crunchy varieties of natural peanut butter as well.

Mainly used for reprocerssing into other types of peanut butter or the material of other food stuff.

B, Creamy peanut butter: some kind of additives such as Stabilizer added to the peanut butter to keep it from separating,and peanut butter has a creamy texture.


Crunchy peanut butter: crunchy peanut butter is repoduced by adding chopped peanuts into creamy/peanut butter.


Ingredients: according to request

1.Moisture ≤ 1.88%
2.Fat ≥ 48%
3.Crude protein ≥ 25%
4.Peroxide value ≤25meg/kg
5.Acid value ≤ 3 max
6.Alatoxin ≤ 4ppb
7.Coliform ≤ 30mpn/100g
8.Salmonella: neg/25g

Application Peanut butter is one of people’s favorite flavor sauces. It is a very good and nutritional companion to people’s everyday meal. It is widely used in both western and eastern food by family, restaurant, factory, bakery, etc.


-Creamy(Smooth) and Crunchy

200g/340g/510g/1kg in plastic jar, 12 or 24 jars per carton

20kg net bag/carton, 20kg net/metal drum


20kg net bag/carton, 20kg net/metal drum

We can also pack product as clients' requirement.

Delivery time: within 20 days

Trade terms: FOB/CFR/CIF etc.

Payment terms: By T/T.

Shelf time: 18months under normal temperature


We are a professional manufacturer of more than 4,000 square meters in producing peanut butter located in Poland. As the biggest supplier of peanuts butter in Pland, our peanuts butters are exported to Japan,Russia,EU in large quantity each year. In domestic,you can find our peanuts butters in supermarkets,

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